Kwan Um Sa

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6601 N 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19126

40.0515936, -75.1239848

Geographic Origin(s) of Institution
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Other Basic Information

Korean Mahayana temple est. informally in 1989, formally in 1992. One monk in residence.

Local Setting, Neighborhood, Demographics

The temple is located in the northern suburbs of Philadelphia. The temple’s attendees are of Korean descent and the predominant language is Korean. There are, on average, fifteen people per session.

Connections with Healing

The temple focuses on prayers, chants, and reciting scripture. Kwan Um (Guanyin) is the central deity. The temple holds ceremonies that emphasize chanting texts associated with Kwan Um. Meditation is not a priority here. Chants may promote general wellbeing, but the monk rejects the possibility that ritual can be used to heal.

Best Time to Visit

Korean services Sundays 11–1.