Chua Giac Lam

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131 Nyack Ave, Lansdowne, PA 19050

39.9374202, -75.265543

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Vietnamese temple with Mahayana services and Theravada-style meditation. Est. 1981. Previously one nun in residence for 15 years, although none are in residence at this time. 


Local Setting, Neighborhood, Demographics

Located west of the city, the temple mainly attracts people of Vietnamese descent.

Connections with Healing

The main temple hall provides typical Mahayana ceremonies for blessings and alleviation of suffering, often centering around Guanyin. There is also a meditation group that meets on the grounds of the temple in a separate building. This group is devoted to practicing jhāna meditation. The meditation group is 100% Vietnamese, but they follow teachings and read books by a Caucasian teacher of Theravada meditation.

Practitioners report that jhāna meditation serves to slow down the breath, healing the body and mind. Meditators report that when a person is suffering due to an illness or any other trouble, he or she can go beyond it by practicing jhāna meditation. They claim that healing can come when the ill person can transcend the troublesome situation and not suffer from it.

Best Time to Visit

Ceremonies Sun. 11am, meditation 1:30–3:30pm (Vietnamese language with limited English).