Chua Quan Am

Submitted by Pierce Salguero on Mon, 02/12/2018 - 00:40
1239 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19123

39.9635368, -75.1584082

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Vietnamese Mahayana monastery, with 2 monks in residence. Est. 1992.

Local Setting, Neighborhood, Demographics

The temple is located in North Philadelphia. The temple attendees are diverse and include people of Vietnamese, Chinese, and Taiwanese descent. 

Connections with Healing

In Chua Quan Am temple, blessing ceremonies take place in the main altar where the central figure is the statue of Guanyin. The monk we interviewed here reported that people often ask for the blessing ceremony when they are feeling sick or when they believe that they are having bad luck because a ghost is following them. The blessing ceremony is performed to help individuals push away bad luck, cure ailments, and get rid of ghosts. Often, the “Great Compassion Mantra of Guanyin” or “Mahākaruṇā Dhāraṇī” is used as the basis of the ritual. The ritual starts when the monk covers the individual’s head with a red cloth and rings a bell over the top of his head. The monk then takes the cloth off of the person’s head, and uses it to wipe the individual’s head in a downward motion while quietly reciting parts of the Great “Compassion Mantra.” The monk sprays the individual’s hands with perfumed water, and instructs him to wipe the top of his head in a backward motion three times. The ceremony ends with the individual bowing three times to Guanyin.

Best Time to Visit

Sunday mornings through lunch time.