Chua Linh Quang

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821 PA-563, Telford, PA 18969

40.3192034, -75.4281429

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Vietnamese Mahayana temple. Property acquired in 1996. Six or seven nuns in residence. 

Local Setting, Neighborhood, Demographics

Exurban Philadelphia.

Connections with Healing

The nuns at the temple provide to sick members herbs bought from Vietnam or grown on location. If someone is very sick or about to die, the nuns go to the home or hospital to pray or chant. For illness, they chant parts of the Lotus Sūtra, along with prayers to Guanyin and the Medicine Buddha. Alternatively, when the person is about to pass away, they pray to Amitābha Buddha. Often the nuns also pray so that an ill person can accumulate good karma. They report that that bad karma can be the cause of many problems, including poor health. When it is believed that the sickness was caused by a malicious ghost, the nuns may do exorcism rites to expel it. The interviewee also states that the temple practices vegetarianism because its a healthier choice than eating animal products. 

Best Time to Visit

Sun. 10am–3:30pm. Special events on Sundays closest to the full moon, according to Sino-Vietnamese lunar calendar.