Dajue Chan Si 大覺禪寺

Submitted by Pierce Salguero on Mon, 02/12/2018 - 00:34
6332 Rising Sun Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19111

40.0493418, -75.0962119

Geographic Origin(s) of Institution
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Other Basic Information

Chinese Mahayana monastery, est. at current location 2013. Connected with Yunmen 雲門 Temple in Guangdong and World Chan Buddhist Association (Flushing NY). Two monks in residence.

Local Setting, Neighborhood, Demographics

Interviewee stated that entire families and especially the elderly come to the temple to chant and pray, and they can expect somewhere between 10 to 50 visitors on a typical Sunday.

Connections with Healing

Interviewee stated that the temple practices chanting of the Mahāyāna sūtras and meditation related to healing. He stated that the temple's Master also performs specific healing chants and meditations upon special request. The interviewee also mentioned that they practice a concentration form of meditation focusing on the breath, and that if one is good enough at it, it not only quiets the mind but also presents natural healing benefits as well. He also mentioned vegetarian diet in the context of health, as well as tea offered to visitors that is beneficial for a person's physical health and is cleansing for their system. 


Best Time to Visit

Sunday 11-1.