Pumen Si 普門寺

Submitted by Pierce Salguero on Mon, 02/12/2018 - 00:20

39.9557218, -75.1567726

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Other Basic Information

Chinese Mahayana temple with some Vajrayana features, est. 1992. 

Local Setting, Neighborhood, Demographics

Located in Chinatown. Attendees are mostly elderly and of Chinese descent. The temple has both Chinese and Tibetan Buddhist paraphernalia. We heard that a Tibetan teacher comes to teach here on a semi-regular basis. The temple provides an open space for the public to chant and pray. Interviewees emphasized chanting and praying to improve one’s wellbeing, and to benefit family members. They also believe volunteering provides a sense of peacefulness and fulfillment. 

Connections with Healing

The temple does not have specific healing ceremonies, chants, or prayers. It is more of an open shrine and community center than a temple with specific membership. Meals are provided on Sundays. We met people here who were affiliated with other temples throughout the Philadelphia area, but also use this space on a regular basis for their own personal practice since it is closer to where they live or work.

Best Time to Visit

Temple is open Sat. and Sun. 9am–2pm and lunar holidays.