Wat Khmer Palelai

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2701 S 58th St, Philadelphia, PA 19143

39.9272974, -75.2169001

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Cambodian Theravada temple, est. 1986 in South Philadelphia, moved to current location in 2003. Twelve monks in residence.


Connections with Healing

One of the practitioners reported to us her belief that often illnesses are caused by ghosts and black magic. Illnesses caused by ghosts are the result of the body being possessed by a spirit. According to the practitioner, witchcraft or black magic can be the cause of disease. In these cases, a monk performs a blessing ceremony where the ill individual is blessed by brushing them with holy water. While offering blessings the monk also prays over the individual to enhance their well-being and improve their karma. Ceremonies are held for the elderly where prayers are made to bring them good luck and improve their overall well-being. 

Best Time to Visit

Daily services 4-6am and 1–3pm.