Won Community Services Center

Submitted by Pierce Salguero on Sun, 02/11/2018 - 22:58
423 Abington Ave, Glenside, PA 19038

40.1052189, -75.1441418

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African American
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Community services center affiliated with, but legally separate from, Won Buddhism Philadelphia temple, located in the basement of the temple.

Local Setting, Neighborhood, Demographics

The community center is located in the suburban area of Glenside, PA, a predominantly Caucasian suburb of Philadelphia. The center takes up the basement level of the Won Buddhist Temple, but is a separate legal entity. The center began largely as a service center for Won Buddhist priests immigrating from Korea, as well as for the Korean immigrant population in the suburbs north of Philadelphia. As immigration patterns have shifted over the past decades, they now serve people from Africa, Latin America, and other parts of the world.

Connections with Healing

The Won Community Services Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to enacting the ideals of Won Buddhism in society through a range of charitable activities. The Buddhist concept of compassion is the main driving force behind the Center’s mission, and they also offer meditation classes. However, the center offers a range of non-Buddhist social services, including ESL classes for both children and adults and tutoring for citizenship examinations. In terms of healthcare, the WCSC offers assistance in applying for health insurance (Obamacare and Medicare), as well as transportation and translation services for members who need to go to the hospital. They also have a volunteer psychologist who assists with personal and family issues.

Best Time to Visit

Not open for public visitation, except for recipients of services.