Won Institute of Graduate Studies Acupuncture Clinics

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137 S Easton Rd, Glenside, PA 19038

40.0992812, -75.1542873

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Accredited MA degree-granting graduate school, mainly focused on acupuncture, but with programs in Won Buddhism, Applied Meditation, Pastoral Care, and Chinese herbal medicine. Separate legal entity associated with Won Buddhism Philadelphia, and staffed in large part by Won priests.

Local Setting, Neighborhood, Demographics

Glenside is a predominantly caucasian suburb of Philadelphia. The enrolled students are mostly female, and represent a diverse mix, though primarily Caucasian. All enrolled students are required to take courses in meditation and are introduced to basic Won Buddhist thought during their programs. Regular group meditation sessions are held in the building, including sessions for the general public. These are presided over by Won Buddhist priests associated with the temple, but also by faculty and staff of the Institute. 

Connections with Healing

In addition to offering degrees in acupuncture and herbal medicine, the Institute operates an student-run acupuncture clinic that offers low-cost treatments (including heavily subsidized sessions for veterans once per week). 

The Institute briefly operated the Won Center for East West Medicine," an acupuncture clinic inside of the Hahnemann University Hospital in Center City Philadelphia. This unit closed in 2015.

Best Time to Visit

Periodic meditation sessions, qigong classes, and other events related to Won Buddhism are held at this location. See website.